Working Shakespeare: The Ultimate Actor's Workshop The Consumer Edition

with Cicely Berry and Andrew Wade
Hosted by Jeremy Irons

How do we enter the heightened, extravagant language of Shakespeare and yet feel truthful in our contemporary world? How do performers excite the audience with Shakespeare's rich imagery and dynamic rhythm, yet make it real for the twenty-first century? We assume that a sophisticated intellectual background is required to grapple with Shakespeare. But there is a much deeper, almost primal response – as available to inner-city students as to their counterparts in the private school – to the sound and rhythm in Shakespeare's language which arouses our emotions: feelings of anger and sorrow, of passion and laughter.

This landmark five-part video series gives voice to Shakespeare's most beloved and widely known speeches and sonnets, performed by a powerhouse ensemble of American and British actors, as they delve into the structure, meaning and power of Shakespeare's language. Each DVD explores a different aspect of Shakespeare's work.

Publisher: The Working Arts Library/Applause

Series: Applause Books

Format: Softcover with DVD

Page Count: 157

Dimensions: 7.5 X 5.5 inches

ISBN: 9781557835383

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