Vinyl FAQ: All That's Left to Know About Vinyl Records and Collecting Them

by Jon Stebbins

Vinyl FAQ is a record junkie's delight. It shares the best strategies for finding rare albums, reveals the locations of the world's best record stores, and uncovers the vast network of record conventions and the intricacies of online auctions. The book describes the most collectible records, examining collector niches and historic auction results. It covers the most collected artists, labels, and genres, and explores the recent resurgence in new vinyl releases.

This volume is far from one of those stuffy guides that have page after page of discography and estimated values. Vinyl FAQ, authored by a record collecting expert, is a fast-moving read filled with “best of” lists; stories about amazing finds; the colorful history of legendary collectors and their endless hunt for elusive vinyl treasures; the excitement of great leads and the heartbreak of dead ends; tips for deciphering counterfeits; facts about the audio devices that play sweet vinyl; plenty of interesting info for rock, punk, psych, pop, soul, jazz, blues, and country fans; and more. Adding to the Vinyl FAQ experience is a visual feast of record covers and label art from all eras. Take a spin... it's going to be fun!

Publisher: Backbeat Books

Series: FAQ

Format: Softcover

Page Count: 400

Dimensions: 9 X 6 inches

ISBN: 9781480364516

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