The Making of a Drum Company: The Autobiography of William F. Ludwig II

edited by Rob Cook

The Ludwig Drum Company was the world's largest drum company in the 1920s under founder William F. Ludwig, and again in the 1960s under his son. This fascinating autobiography by William F. Ludwig II begins with his childhood recollections of home life and his father's drum factory. As a teenager, Mr. Ludwig became the national rudimental champion and member of the famous International Marimba Symphony Orchestra. Taking time out for distinguished wartime military service, the author helped his father start a second drum company, W.F.L. Restoration of the family name to the business, Total Percussion, The Beatles, N.A.R.D., selling the company to Selmer, and his active lecture career since – all these topics are addressed here in captivating detail, in the words of William F. Ludwig II.

Publisher: Rebeats Press

Series: Book


Page Count: 128

Dimensions: 11 X 8.5 inches

ISBN: 9781888408058