The Four Voices of Man

by Jerome Hines

Distinguished Metropolitan Opera basso Jerome Hines provides a wealth of information and advice for all those who have embarked on or plan to embark upon a serious singing career. From basic information on how the head and body combine to produce vocal sound, he goes on to analyze the “four voices” encompassed by the singer's one voice, always explaining how through proper technique and training the voice can achieve its ultimate in power, grace and beauty. The book also guides the singer through the labyrinth of choosing the right teacher, shows how physical and emotional health and care of the body relate to the vocal apparatus and considers such diverse matters as stage fright, dealing with conductors and managers and that final challenge – facing the critics.

Publisher: Limelight Editions

Format: Hardcover

Page Count: 230

Dimensions: 9.0 X 6.0 inches

ISBN: 9780879100995

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