Ozone 5: Beginner/Intermediate Level


Welcome to this valuable training resource for iZotope's amazing update of its critically acclaimed software mastering system – Ozone 5! You can now master your own audio recordings simply and efficiently using the eight essential and complete mastering tools in this single integrated plug-in.

Host Andrew Eisele breaks it all down for the beginner or intermediate user by providing an in-depth overview of the RX2 interface, including all the on-board modules, tools, file menus, meters, and workflow screens. Next, using several real-world audio samples, he demonstrates each of Ozone 5's components and shows how to use them to get the best results when mastering audio. You'll learn how to use equalizers, the maximizer, the exciter, dynamics processing, and reverberation, plus you'll discover ways to use the many presets and routing templates.

Andrew also demonstrates several of the new features in Ozone 5 Advanced, including the Meter Tap plug-ins and the incredible new Meter Bridge with Spectrum view! Ozone 5 is a powerful and in-depth plug-in! The information contained on this DVD is especially designed to get first-time, beginner, and intermediate users up and running in no time.

Topics covered include: understanding the Ozone 5 interface and workflow • examining the on-board mastering modules in Ozone 5 • techniques for using the mastering modules in Ozone 5 • examining several new features of Ozone 5 Advanced • tips and techniques regarding audio mastering.

Publisher: Music Pro Guides

Series: Music Pro Guide Books & DVDs

Format: DVD

Page Count: 0

Dimensions: 7.5 X 5.25 inches

ISBN: 9781476805672

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