Musica Activa: An Approach to Music Education

by Jos Wuytack

This is an adaption of “Musica Viva 2 • Expression rhythmique” (first published in French) and focuses on the element of rhythm within the pedagogical framework of the Active Method, based on the principles of Carl Orff. Preface: ABCs of the Orff Pedagogy • Notes for Teachers: Rhythm • The Ontogenesis of Rhythm • Verbal Expression: Establishing Rhythm • Elaborating the Rhythm • Poetry as Rhythm • Speech Choir • Rhythmic Imitation: Single-level Imitation • Four-level Imitation • Rhythmic Canon: The Mini-Canon • The Traditional Rhythmic Canon • Question and Answer Technique: Verbal Expression • Body Percussion • Non-Pitched Percussion • Pitched Percussion • Rhythmic Rondo: Verbal Expression • Body Percussion • Non-Pitched Percussion • Pitched Percussion • Vocal Expression- Ostinato: Layering • Accompaniment to Text • Accomppaniment to Songs • Rhythmic Reading Games: Active Rhythmic Reading • Reading Music • Improving Rhythmic Skills • Rhythmic Creativity: Improvisation within a Metric Framework • Aleatoric Music • Movement: Actions and Rhythm • Chorporal Expression • Folk Dances • “Uf Dem Anger” • International Code for Movement Notation • Appendix: Instrumental Ranges • Order of Instruments on Score, Abbreviations and Symbols • Biography of Professor Wuytack ans Lists of Publications

Publisher: Schott

Series: Schott

Format: Softcover

Page Count: 134

Dimensions: 10 X 8 inches

ISBN: 9780930448547