Mastering with Ozone 8 (iZotope Official Curriculum)

by Sean McLaughlin and Frank D. Cook


Mastering with Ozone 8 covers the process of mastering finished songs using iZotope's preeminent Ozone software package. Designed to support instructor-led training and independent learning, this course book covers all aspects of working with Ozone 8 Advanced.

In the course, students will learn to use Ozone as a standalone application or as a plug-in on the master bus of their DAW of choice. The book covers all of the controls available in the Project window and in the Ozone plug-in. The included hands-on exercises will help students develop their skills applying the techniques discussed in each chapter while improving their listening skills.

Topics of discussion include working with the Ozone software interface, setting Ozone preferences through the Options window, using the Master Assistant, applying equalization to shape audio and isolate problem areas, using dynamics processing to control the dynamic range of a song, using imaging techniques to adjust the stereo width of a mix; applying harmonic distortion to add warmth and glue to a mix, using the Maximizer to set an appropriate overall loudness level, comparing a project to one or more reference tracks, adding dither, previewing different codecs, and exporting the finished audio from the standalone application.

Publisher: Hal Leonard Books

Format: Softcover Media Online

Page Count: 304

Dimensions: 7.5 x 9.25 inches

ISBN: 9781540024824

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