Mackie Compact Mixers - Edition 2.1: Basic Operations ‡ Mixing Tips ‡ Creative Applications

by Rudy Trubitt

Fully authorized by Mackie Designs Inc., this book is for you! If you spend any time working with sound equipment for recording or live performance, you'll be involved with mixing and mixers. This book walks you through the concepts and features common to all compact mixers so you can get the most from these very flexible audio tools. Covers the basics, easy-to-read diagrams, hooking things up, real world applications, mixing tips, advanced signal routing, and “under the hood” advice for the Mackie VLZ, VLZ-PRO, SR, CFX, PPM and now DFX-series mixers. Certified 100% math-free and musician-friendly!

Publisher: Hal Leonard

Series: Book


Page Count: 280

Dimensions: 11 X 8.5 inches

ISBN: 9780634006708