Hal Leonard Recording Method - Book 1: Microphones & Mixers - 2nd Edition: Music Pro Guides

by Bill Gibson

This is an important update, helping you take your first steps in a truly organized path through the entire recording process. Topics include how professional microphones work, which to choose and why (plus accepted techniques for using them), understanding the signal path from mics to mixers and how to operate these critical tools to capture excellent recordings, and explanations of the most up-to-date tools and techniques involved in using dynamics and effects processors. From initial considerations to mix-down, mastering, and replication, this method provides important considerations and techniques you need to know.

New in this edition:

•Extensive use of QR Codes, which link directly to associated websites and resources via your smart devices' QR Code readers. This expands the content of the book far beyond the printed page.

•New and updated media examples included wherever appropriate.

•Covers many additional microphones, including many of the new ribbon mics and several new condenser and dynamic mics.

•More digital console concepts and applications are included.

•Improved and refined explanations of several fundamental principles and concepts.

•More tightly packed layout and an 11 percent increase in page count.

Publisher: Hal Leonard

Series: Music Pro Guide Books & DVDs

Format: Softcover with DVD-ROM

Page Count: 296

Dimensions: 11 X 8.5 inches

ISBN: 9781458402967

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