Dear Mr. Beckett - Letters from the Publisher: The Samuel Beckett File Correspondence, Interviews, Photos

by Barney Rosset
Preface by Paul Auster Foreword by Edward Beckett Edited by Lois Oppenheim

Preface by Paul Auster • Foreword by Edward Beckett

Edited by Lois Oppenheim • Curated by Astrid Myers Rosset

“You know, Barney, I think my writing days are over,” Beckett writes in 1954 [when most of his output was still ahead of him.] And later, “Sick of all this old vomit and despair more and more of ever being able to puke again. In a world where writers switch publishers at the first shake of a martini pitcher, our trans-Atlantic communications seemed to float on a sea of tranquility and trust.” – from Dear Mr. Beckett

Through letters, contracts, photos, interviews, speeches, reviews and memorabilia – most of which has never before been made public – a rare personal and professional friendship unfolds between these two oddly shy daredevils; through their embrace, they shifted and turned the tide of literature in America.

Among the many never before published entries:

• Beckett's discussion about acting with his long time director, Alan Schneider, as they huddled with Barney Rosset in his East Hampton quonset hut about their upcoming rehearsal with Buster Keaton.

• Susan Sontag correspondence on her Godot production in Sarajevo.

• The comprehensive Endgame file about the controversial production in Cambridge Mass which proceeded against Beckett's wishes.

• Interviews with Eugene Ionesco and Alain Robbe-Grillet about Beckett and Rosset and the Absurdists.

• Estelle Parsons correspondence with Beckett about the actress's proposal to perform Godot with Shelley Winters on Broadway.

• Comprehensive file on the genesis and development of Beckett's Rockaby with Billie Whitelaw.

• Comprehensive file on Rosset's termination from Grove, the press he founded and championed.

Publisher: Opus Books

Series: Book

Format: Hardcover

Page Count: 320

Dimensions: 9 X 7.5 inches

ISBN: 9781623160708