A Player's Guide to Chords and Harmony: Music Theory for Real-World Musicians

by Jim Aikin

If you'd like to know about music theory but don't want to get bogged down in a stuffy college-level textbook, this guide was written just for you! It's a practical, no-nonsense book ideal for: young musicians learning guitar so they can play rock, folk or blues; DJs who've started recording their own tracks and need to know how chord progressions work; anyone who wants to play from the chord symbols in sheet music; classical musicians who want to do more than just “read the dots,” and countless others. Covers: intervals, scales, modes, triads and advanced voicings; interpreting chord symbols and reading sheet music; voice leading, chord progressions and basic song forms; classical, jazz & pop; and more, with helpful quizzes and answers.

Publisher: Backbeat Books

Series: Book

Format: Softcover

Page Count: 198

Dimensions: 11 X 8.5 inches

ISBN: 9780879307981

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