Five Star Music Makeover

Making it in today’s music industry can seem an impossible task. Learning essential skills requires years of real-life experience; alternatives, like attending an institution or hiring coaches, studio professionals, and consultants, are sure to clean out your bank account. The web, now overflowing with free and often misleading advice, only compounds the frustration felt by aspiring artists. If only there were some sort of handbook that touched on every aspect of the modern musician’s world…
That handbook has arrived.
 “Five Star Music Makeover” is a complete and practical career guide, a resource that transforms artists from good to great with information and advice that would otherwise cost several years of personal experience and/or thousands of dollars in fees. Its authors, Coreen Sheehan, Anika Paris, Eric Corne, Michael Eames, and Bobby Borg, are globally renowned experts on vocal training, songwriting, recording, music publishing, and the music business, respectively. Over the next five weeks you’ll meet each of these professionals and learn more about their unique contributions to this one-of-a-kind book—and how they, and it, can advance your career.
Looking to break out in the music industry? It all begins with finding your voice…
In “Five Star Music Makeover,” award-winning singer, performer, author, and educator Coreen Sheehan serves as a Sherpa Songstress, guiding you along the perilous path from raw talent and boundless passion to professional execution and vocal enlightenment. Most people believe that you must be born with a gift to become a professional singer; Coreen believes that anyone can develop his or her voice in order to sing and is here to conduct you on that journey. Get ready to sing!
The song is the starting point of what a musician shares with an audience. An artist always needs to put his/her best foot forward…
In “Five Star Music Makeover,” CRIA platinum award-winning songwriter, composer, vocalist, performing artist, thespian, poet, and classically trained pianist Anika Paris walks you through every step of the songwriting process. From sparking inspiration and gathering source materials to structuring melodies and penning lyrics, Anika leaves no stone unturned as she explores music history and helps you find your creative groove within it.
Now that your music is vocally exceptional, deeply inspired, professionally recorded, and legally secure, only one thing is missing: an audience! Without sales, after all, your passion stagnates as a hobby rather than flourishing as a business. Concerted and coordinated promotion is the keystone of your musical career.
Enter Bobby Borg, a former major label, independent, and DIY recording/touring artist with over twenty-five years’ experience working alongside the most respected managers, producers, and A&R executives in the music industry. Bobby shows you how to articulate your promotional goals, realize them with a diverse array of do-it-yourself techniques and practices, and, eventually, wind up of the radar screens of industry persons who will take your career to the next level.